Announcement of Annual Meeting

The first Annual Meeting (also known as the Charter Meeting) of The Lichtenbergian Society will be Saturday, December 22, 2007, at my house, 7:00ish.

Bring whatever you think might contribute to the general air of solemn FESTIVITY, as dictated by the Charter.

The proposed Order of Business:

  • Roll Call (for the Record, and yes, I bought a record book and india ink today)
  • Ratification and signing of the Charter
  • Toast to GCL (need a volunteer)
  • Acclamation of the Officers
  • Corroboration of the Validity of our Claims
  • Consignment of the Corroborative Evidence to the Flames
  • Engrossment of the Year’s Efforts
  • Meditation on the Year’s Efforts, followed by a Silent Toast
  • Engrossment of the Proposed Efforts for the Next Year
  • Toast to the Proposed Efforts
  • “What is Art?”

So, besides food and drink, plan to bring a list of the creative endeavors you either abandoned or tabled this year, as well as a list of your goals for 2008. I’m thinking we’ll just start this year with a list of our Efforts, each of us gets a page to himself, and then for next year’s Proposed Efforts, we’ll start a new page on which we’ll tally the results at next year’s Annual Meeting.

Also, if you have some Corroborative Evidence of creative effort that perhaps should have been abandoned rather than being brought to fruition, feel free to bring it along. I have a wonderful example, and it’s not what some of you are thinking, so we’re covered for that part of the Meeting.


12/16/07, inserted Appointment of Officers

12/16/07, inserted the Corroboration portions, plus the perennial discussion topic, “What Is Art?”

18 thoughts on “Announcement of Annual Meeting

  1. I just finished reading a book last night, my opinion of which I am not going to publish on the web, but will rant about in person, and it came to me that perhaps we ought to have a moment for Confirmation of the Righteousness of our Plan, i.e., items that probably should have been abandoned.

  2. We could do that before the Engrossment of the current year’s Efforts. It might be effective in helping us integrate those two selves Jeff talked about in another post. Or at least give us a little frisson of schadenfreude, which I know I always enjoy when it’s at the expense of another artist.

  3. It also occurs to me that our Meetings should never adjourn. I like the idea that we can call a Meeting to order, but the ending just fades away. Each Meeting is another spin of the Wheel.

  4. I’m not sure how neatly it aligns with our purpose, but could we put the question, “What is Art?” on the agenda?

  5. “Aligns with our purpose”? It is our purpose. That and the drinking. And making babies with John Malkovich if at all possible.

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