I haven’t written a lot about our political situation because I might have to start actually ranting. Let’s face it, Microsoft’s crimes against humanity are nothing, nothing, compared to the current administration’s. For one thing, the current administration’s crimes are actual crimes that could be tried in The Hague with some degree of success, not to mention the intriguing daydream of public execution. And I’m not even talking about the high crimes and misdemeanors that could be laid at their impeachable door.

Their whole mise-en-scene these days involves staying in Iraq. Something blows up and kills people: it means we need to stay. Something goes moderately well (only 150 people died instead of 155): it means we need to stay. The insurgency is swelling: we need to stay. The corrupt sheikhs of Anbar have been paid off to turn against the insurgency: we need to stay.

At no point does anyone in power, either the scumbags who got us into this hellish situation nor the Loyal Opposition, say, “You know what? I think it’s been one six months too many. What say we cut our losses and bring our army home?”

Will Iraq collapse if we come home? As compared to, say, what it’s doing right now? Just today, the “progress” on the sharing of oil revenues went south. Oops, there went the political progress we’ve spent how many lives and how many billions of dollars on?

Some say Bush should call for new elections. Parse that one for a moment. Bush should jerk the rug out from under the duly elected (we all saw the purple fingers, right?) government of the country we’re occupying? That should set well with the insurgency. George W. Bush cannot even run this government, much less the non-government of al-Maliki.

Okay, I’ll stop there, or I will go mad.

What prompted all this, besides the recent barrage of lies and half-truths, was a brief into today’s Times about Russia:

The governor of a central province told employers to contribute to a Kremlin campaign to boost the birthrate by giving couples the day off to have sex… This is the third year the Ulyanovsk region, famous as the birthplace of Lenin, has dedicated a day to encouraging couples to produce more babies. (NYT, 9/13/07, A6)

I mean, don’t you wish our leadership was as innocuously inept?

6 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. With our luck this year’s day has already come and gone, so to speak.

    Since I’ve had a vasectomy, would that make me a dissident?

  2. I think that makes us the Democratic leadership, Marc. We might make a good stand, but we’re totally ineffective in the long run.

  3. I suppose the iraqis were better off with the dictator, huh?

    Gassing the opposing party, rape rooms run by his sons, Oil for food, yadayadayada.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget he HATEs us. Hmm, if he’ll do that to his own countrymen, what would he do to us?


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