Do it!

Go to Input your ZIP code.

Bookmark the resulting page.

Now email the SOBs who are supposed to represent you in Congress and let them know what you think about Bush’s war.

Do it every time anything irritates you or appalls you.

Encourage everyone on your mailing list to do so.

Get us the hell out of Iraq. To start with.

6 thoughts on “Do it!

  1. I had just read the post, was thinking about how glad I am that we live in a constitutional republic (not a democracy) and that what Dale suggests is exactly what so many people are NOT doing but SHOULD BE (being active in their government regardless of their perspective).

    And then I scrolled down and read Jeff’s reply.

    And I laughed. Copiously.

  2. Politics is struggle and chicanery. A chuckling exchange of views at the men’s club is what we do to believe we are above the fray while a nasty fight continues elsewhere. How will the pie get cut up and the pieces distributed? Neither exercising our indifference nor agreeing to disagree is going to nullify the problem. Debate doesn’t change minds on issues like this, either. We’re left with struggle and chicanery. In the meantime…

  3. In the meantime, let your democractically elected representation know that you intend to work against their continued high-flying presence if they don’t vote in ways that please you.

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