Oh dear

I’m home alone, and after giving up on a glacial Onegin (Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler), I was flipping through channels. I stumbled upon Disney’s High School Musical 2. I threw up in my mouth a little. I stopped flipping through channels and turned off the television.

21 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. Anyone want to go with me and Barb to see King of Kong sometimes in the next week or two? Playing in Atlanta. Gotta be better than what’s on TV.

  2. Oh, my lord. I caught the second half of HSM2 last night as well. It was gayer than the 5 Season box set of Sex and the City.

  3. The only musical that isn’t gay is Paint Your Wagon. And it’s still pretty gay.

    The question, rather, is: why do both HSMs suck?

    The more I think about 3:10 to Yuma, the more I want to wax Zizek-ian and examine its ideology: Honor is real even when exercised over a fabricated fiction; therefore, we must exit with honor (McCain uses this term) from Iraq even knowing that fictional fabrications got us there.

  4. Marc, while it is true that all musicals are pretty gay, HSM is gay even by musical standards. It makes Hairspray look butch.

    And Dale, to be fair, I was not at my house. I was visiting a friend who HAD to watch it. And I made every excuse I could not to be in the same room.

  5. And you have a really wide stance, even with your boxer-briefs around your ankles. Yeah, yeah, tell it to the Marine in the next stall.

  6. My daughter, who–for the record–is not a fan of HSM, told me yesterday the premier of HSM2 received the highest ratings numbers of any television broadcast ever in history, higher even than for news coverage on 9/11. I don’t know if this is a documented fact or just hearsay.

  7. You guys who don’t want to see King of Kong are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. Yeah, about what you started: are you talking the tall pink plexiglas boxed Sex and the City, or the cardboard slipcased edition?

  9. Now wait a minute. Why is it that when Dale goes to all this trouble to scan oversize newspaper articles, embed hyperlinks to video files, etc., and basically does this jumbo online essay on aesthetics, he gets next to no comments, and then the next day when he says, “I’m just sitting on my ass, picking my nose, watching High School Musical 2,” suddenly there’s like a ZILLION comments?

  10. I am not making this up. I just got email from Kathy Bizarth, the choral conductor, who asked: “Do you know if Mike Funt had a bit part on “Sex and the City”? I could have sworn he was on one of the episodes I saw last night.”

    Now we know the reason for his fascination with said box set.

  11. Was that the fireman with the huge thighs and awesome butt or the well-built securities trader who was arrested practically in coitus?

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