Shopping (Day 260/365)

I spent three hours this afternoon shopping for all the materials we’ll need to build the walls, the toast heads, the turtles, the tea set, etc., etc.

At my very last stop, Frugal Fabrics for foam, I found black and white fabric that will serve for the Wise Cow’s boa/stole. I wasn’t looking for it, but there it was.

This shopping experience was a little bittersweet in that it was exciting to be this close to getting the Inn turned into reality, but it brought back the memories of all those years keeping the theatre afloat with my money. I had sworn that I was not going to pay for this production, and I’m not. If no one steps forward after May 3 to take the role of producer, i.e., fundraiser, then it dies. Well, the idea of a premiere in Newnan dies. I intend to pursue the Inn in other places if Newnan can’t step up to the plate.

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