Tidying up (Day 259/365)

I sat down tonight with four small, manageable goals, just to get some things done. My main goal was to be in bed shortly after 10:00.

First, I took our What We Need list from Lacuna workshop, and broke it down into the actual materials we would need on Saturday. Then I sorted those items out into five different stores for one giant shopping spree tomorrow. I’ll be lucky to get home in time to do any of the Art Walk downtown.

Then I did a very rudimentary (i.e., unusable in real life) piano reduction of the sunflower waltz to insert into the piano/vocal score of Two Sunflowers. I’ll need that on May 3 in order to get the sopranos and altos back in for the repeat of the second verse. I’ve been maintaining separate versions of Two Sunflowers, the original and the extended versions, because I think that in its future concert career the Inn will not need the sunflower waltz. At some level I regard it as an unnecessary accrescence.

Next I tinkered with the orchestration of a measure in Milky Way that had been bugging me for months. All it needed were two additional sixteenth notes in the violins, but what a difference it made to my ear. Everyone else is thinking, “Where the heck was there a problem?”

My other goal for the evening was to finish the storyboards of Make Way and Two Sunflowers for next week’s rehearsal, but I didn’t get to it. A chunk of my time was devoted to a phone call on GHP business, so I’ll have to finish it this weekend.

In other news, I had a scathingly brilliant revelation on What to Wear on May 3 for the Wise Cow: a wrap/stole affair, glittery black & white fabric. (This came about while I was realizing that everyone is going to want a costume.)

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