Editing (Day 249/365)

This afternoon, after the power went out at school, I tinkered with the first eight measures or so of Make Way. (Laptops run on batteries when the power goes out. It’s a beautiful thing.) I think I’ve got it bearable.

My intention was to work on the next eight measures tonight, but after I got upstairs and sat down, there was an email from Mike Funt. Not only is he getting married in Las Vegas on a Monday in two weeks, preventing my attendance, he has the nerve to send me a script for House he wrote upon an agent’s request for a sample hour-long script. Well, it’s not so much the sending as the asking me to look it over that takes nerve.

First of all, of course, do I look like a script doctor to you? Am I sitting in That House in L.A., overlooking the Valley, cocktail in hand, multiple Emmys on the glass bookshelf behind me, as I look out at the lights of the city twinkle on below in the purple sunset? Is there a buxom starlet in the pool? Is she nude? Is there a pool? (No, no, and no.) Feh.

Second of all, there is no second of all. I’m still stuck on the first of all: why would Mike Funt, who is clearly talented and headed for great things, think I knew enough to do anything but correct his spelling? Which I did, needless to say.

Very flattering, to be sure, but nothing throws one into a panic as being thought of as competent in fields one knows nothing about. My tirade about the Pirate Queen does not count; any idiot could have done that, except, apparently, for Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg, Richard Maltby, Frank Galati, and Graciela Daniele.

Oh well, I’ll work on the music Thursday and Friday.

2 thoughts on “Editing (Day 249/365)

  1. I can’t tell if this is modesty or or fishing. When one needs help with a story, one finds a great story-teller. Story is story whether it’s an opera or an episode of House. The only difference being that hundreds of millions more people will see an episode of House than will go to the opera. And that is not a jab at opera, but at the people who think they don’t like it, and yet who’s only experience with it is in Bugs Bunny cartoons.
    I thank you for your help, and you were indeed helpful. You’ve got a keen eye for what makes good story, epecially good dramatic story. So there, if that was modesty, don’t be so modest, a-hole because you’re pretty darn talented yourself. And if it was simply fishing for compliments, disregard the above because I don’t fall for that. 😉

  2. Everybody lies. 😉

    Actually, I’m neither modest nor fishing. It’s scary when people like you think I know more than I do, that’s all.

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