Sunflower waltz (Day 202/365)

I was actually productive today, although as usual there were some technical glitches slowing me down.

I made a copy of Two Sunflowers Move into the Yellow Room and chopped off the front part. I added lots and lots o’ blank measures, and then pasted the “they arranged themselves” section at the end as a reprise. In between, in the blanks, I played.

The technical glitch I encountered is that my USB hub, which allowed me to plug in my wireless keyboard and the wide-format printer and the MIDI keyboard, no longer works with the new laptop. I can’t think of a single reason why that should be so, but it’s true. So if I wanted to work on paper, using the keyboard, I had to unplug the computer keyboard and plug in the MIDI keyboard, and vice versa. It was a pain.

However, I got lots done, with several interesting passages scribbled down. Nothing worth hearing yet, and all fragments, but as Marc said in comments to Tuesday night, it’s the getting ideas out there that makes it all work. I’ll try to start organizing the ideas more strenuously tomorrow.

It’s interesting that having waited this late to deal with it, the music can now reflect the ideas we had about the sunflowers, rather than the reverse.

2 thoughts on “Sunflower waltz (Day 202/365)

  1. You may need to “install” your USB hub on your new laptop. Often the hubs come with a disk. Remember?

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