More sunflower waltz (Day 203/365)

Okay, now the number of days is beginning to scare me.

It was another productive day, more work on the sunflower waltz in Two Sunflowers. I have gotten the piece mostly sketched out, and I think I’m about ready to begin quasi-orchestrating it, mostly because I’m having doubts about it. In the past, it seems, whenever I begin to think that the music itself is inadequate, I’ve found that by reorganizing it vertically, so to speak, I can rediscover why I thought I was “finished” with it in the first place. Hopefully that will happen here.

On the other hand, it’s still clunky, I think. Parts are lovely and interesting, but the in-between bits are lackluster. I’ll fiddle with it a little longer, probably, before investing the time to orchestrate the whole thing.

In other news, I got a new USB hub and everything works just fine. I think it was just a matter of the new laptop requiring USB 2.0 fixtures rather than the old 1.1 bits. It really helped in the work today to turn my back on the computer and just play with keyboard and paper.

Also, in looking over the blog here, I noticed that the new layout/theme does something funky with italics and bold. It makes the italics bold and the bold all caps. I don’t think I like that. I’m going to mess with the CSS stylesheet and see what happens. [Note: I did fix it. Now I’ve noticed that the theme is not fixed-width, which means that the line-length of the text may get too long for comfortable reading… Hm….]

2 thoughts on “More sunflower waltz (Day 203/365)

  1. Yeah, how do I fix the bold/italics confusion.

    It blows a good joke in one of my articles.

    And in my little work-in-progress where I’m fiddling with Lacanian “mathemes” I had to go through and change every bold capital A back into a bold lowercase a in order not to be laughed at by any Lacanians who might actually stumble upon the article and read it…

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