More images (Day 199/365)

Another source of ideas for William Blake, this one pure serendipity.

We were sharing with Marc and Mary Frances about our trip to L.A., and I happened to mention that apparently some of the women in the group thought that James Conlon, the music director of L.A. Opera, was good-looking. I googled him and found several images of him. Not bad. But one of the images led me to Tobias Picker’s website, an American composer the premiere of whose American Tragedy Conlon had conducted.

And there’s where I found this image:

Aha! I cried and shared with everyone else. This is a possible solution to the Inn: bilevel, with sliding panels. I’ll do some sketches this week and play with the idea.

Today I also tided up around the Lacuna website and my own, especially, the What I’m Reading Now bits.

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