Maintenance (Day 200/365)

Here we are at Day 200. Feels like it should be a goalpost of some kind.

Oh well. Today was the first day of my winter break, so I took this opportunity to do a little computer maintenance. I haven’t been working on my music much since getting the new computer, a delicious irony, I’m sure, because Finale 2007 has not functioned smoothly with the Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds. I decided to fall back on Finale 2006 until GPO is finally updated, but then it wouldn’t work because the authorization didn’t travel from the old laptop to the new one.

So I started the day with that issue, and it didn’t take long to fix. I haven’t had time to play with Finale 2006 to see if it’s all OK, but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Then I began to update WordPress, the software that runs this blog. That went smoothly, updating both this blog and the Lacuna blog. You will also notice the new look to this blog. That was a new theme uploaded yesterday, and I liked it.

Then it got messy. I wanted to move the Lacuna blog over to, and then split it into two blogs, one for general Lacuna use, the other for Marc’s theatre training stuff. Easier said than done. Moving was not too difficult, but then things went squirrelly. The blog still functions, and Marc’s new blog seems to work, but the admin pages were incomplete. That’s where you actually write the blog posts, edit stuff, import all of Marc’s stuff from the Lacuna blog, etc. Pieces were missing, and I can’t make them show up. I got stymied at that point. I was supposed to do our taxes today too, but I worked off and on all day on getting WordPress to show me its stuff. Reminds me of my dating days.

Otherwise, the only other thing I did, not especially creative either, was to visit a travel agent and try to start piecing together the Honea/Lyles/Shankel trip to New York. I’ll spare you the details.

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