Very productive day (Day 170/365)

I burned through some assignments today.

I updated the GHP parent orientation video, which was kind of quirky, since (as I mentioned previously) the old Final Cut Pro 3.0 didn’t make the transfer to the new laptop with its authorization intact and I no longer have the installation disks. So I had to use my old laptop to do that. That barely took an hour, and then I was able to set the old laptop to the side and get back to work on the new one. I had the old one rendering the updated sections of video while I moved ahead in other projects on the new one. I could get used to this multiple-computer lifestyle.

I went ahead and blocked out the new Lacuna website. That went smoothly as well, until I made one tiny change to the color of links in one section, and suddenly the links weren’t that color but white, which renders them invisible. I cannot find anything wrong in the CSS file or in the HTML files, and in fact the links look fine in DreamWeaver. It’s just when you get to the actual browser that you can’t see the links in the stories.

To make it even more squirrelly, there’s one page where the link does render correctly. Ah, you say, compare the code between that file and the others! Yes, that would seem to be a good idea, except that all the files are from the same template. I’ll check, but there ought not to be any difference in the HMTL markup.

I’m ready to be composing again. Today’s Writer’s Almanac had Edward Lear’s “The Jumblies” as its poem, and it reminded me how much I want to set that to music. I copied to my Texts folder.

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