Lacuna website (Day 169/365)

I did a little more futzing around with the new Lacuna website, working with the logo and that kind of thing. In the process I discovered that some key fonts (Avant Garde, for pete’s sake!) had not been copied from the old laptop. That meant booting up the old one and digging through all kinds of weird places to find the missing fonts, and even to figure out which ones were missing.

At any rate, I’m sort of stuck with the site. I don’t really know who it’s for or what it should be saying. The membership, at least when it was active, thrived with just the blog. We don’t really have an “audience” yet who would need some kind of newsletter approach on the front page. So the structure of the site eludes me.

I’ll have to sit down and answer some basic questions about the site before I can proceed. Not a problem. It will make for an interesting Saturday.

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