Sick (Day 167/365)

I’ve got whatever I had back in December. The good news is that the new laptop made it from Anchorage yesterday to my hands today. I’ve been installing software on it.

The bad news is that I can’t get Finale 2007 to do what I need it to do. The main issue seems to be that the actual instrument files, the Garritan Personal Orchestra, have not been updated to deal with the new Intel chips. Garritan’s website says “late January,” so I can be patient here.

Otherwise, the new computer is not as big a thrill as, say, the previous one was. For one thing, it’s exactly the same, interface-wise, and since I’ve transferred all my files over, there is no difference at this point.

When the orchestra is ready to roll, perhaps then I’ll be excited over my new toy. For the record, using the Finale version of the orchestral sounds (which are lacking tubular bells and a couple of other vital sounds) was a breeze: no memory glitches or holdups.

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