Still sick (Day 168/365)

Still sick today, so I didn’t do a lot of anything that required a brain. I did manage to get the new laptop running almost up to speed. Two setbacks: my wireless keyboard does not work with the new keyboard, and the manufacturer “has no plans” to release an updated driver. I’ve stolen the keyboard from the iMac downstairs, but that’s a temporary fix.

The other one is also temporary: every year I have to update the video we show at the GHP parent orientations during the interviews. Just the year, dates, deadlines, that kind of thing. I figured that my new Final Cut Express HD would not open the old Final Cut Pro files, and it doesn’t, but I was a little surprised when Final Cut Pro told me it had to be reinstalled with the original disks. Those were the disks that disappeared on the plane back from Scotland four years ago, of course.

Again, not a real problem. I just edit the video on the old laptop, and then make plans to completely reshoot the video this summer. It’s about time for an update anyway.

I also played around with Lacuna’s new website. Part of the puzzle here is trying to figure out what I want the whole site to look like. The blog idea served us well last spring, but do we still need it? Marc’s part of the blog could very easily be its own sub-partition of the entire site, not just a blog.

And if the blog(s) are not part of the site, then what is? I’m still figuring that part out. And then I need to figure out whether I can make a CSS page a template in DreamWeaver.

And I still have to plan next Wednesday night, the first night of workshop.

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