Meeting the agenda (Day 166/365)

I did two out of three of my projected goals for today, plus one.

I wrote Nancy Willard a full report on the First Look and will mail that tomorrow.

I explored and I think it will suit our needs admirably. Anyone can join the “room” where we are working and add ideas. We can all meet at the same time and chat while we work, or we can arrive at our own schedule and work through whatever is there. We can leave sticky note comments. We can upload and download all kinds of files. One thing I don’t think we can do is embed actual hyperlinks, but as long as we can leave a text block with the URL, that should be enough.

With this kind of thing at our disposal, we don’t have to wait until Wednesday nights to share ideas. In fact, we could all meet at the coffee shop or at Fabiano’s/Alamo Jack’s and have our “meeting” there.

I did not get around to mapping out the workshops yet. I’ll do that with Marc; plus, I have a ferocious cold coming on. Again.

The other non-agenda’d item I did today was to purchase the domain name for In a week, the group should have its own website, with a front page and two blogs, one of them for general group discussion, and a separate one for Marc’s theatre training posts.

The laptop has reached Anchorage.

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