Nothing big (Day 165/365)

Nothing big today, like orchestrating Make Way or Tale of the Tailor. (Besides, I’m waiting for my laptop, remember? It has left Shanghai.) But in the midst of the continuing undecoration of the house, I did get some smaller things done.

I wrote an article for the newspaper about the First Look on Wednesday. I got the blogpost for Wednesday written (vid. sub.).

I mailed the orchestral score for Milky Way to Stephen Czarkowski, a conductor friend of mine, for his perusal.

I emailed my Senators and Representative, urging them to tell Bush to fire that ******* Charles D. Stimson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs. I emailed the White House and the Pentagon, and for good measure wrote Robert Gates a letter. If I disappear in the night, listen for the black helicopters.

I cleaned off my desk and drafting table because I know in the next few days I’m going to need an uncluttered space for a couple of projects. I have to plan the upcoming workshop with Marc. I have to edit the GHP parent orientation video. I have a new laptop arriving and will have boatloads of new software to install: Finale 2007, Adobe Creative Suite, and Macromedia Studio 8, all of which are upgrades and which I’ve held off installing until I got the new computer; and iWork 06 and Final Cut Express HD, which are upgrades.

I’ve thought about how I will spend my time tomorrow, when I’m off for the holiday: I’m going to block out ideas for the workshop. I’m going to explore I’ll write a full report on the First Look to send to Nancy Willard. If I’m thorough, that should be enough.

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