CSS explorations (Day 67/365)

I fiddled more with CSS, this time on a site for school. I’m working on a project called The 100 Book Club, wherein gifted readers abandon Accelerated Reader and are called upon to read more challenging books, and to read more reflectively. Somehow, between 2nd and 5th grade, they must read 100 books, selected from a list of more than 500. For each book, they write a short blog post in a personal, behind-the-firewall blog (sample here), part of a reading blog community. Could be very exciting.

Anyway, I slaved away getting together this list of books, and I needed a way to share it with my faculty and get their input. I came up with this page, which lists all the books.

The creative part came in getting the CSS to work. Notice how the explanatory material on the left does not scroll down. Pretty cool, huh?

The very nice thing about CSS is that if I decide I need to make the authors’ names smaller, or change the color of the line above their name, I can do that in the stylesheet, and the whole page changes. You can imagine how useful this would be in revamping an entire site.

It’s how one can change the look of one’s own blog, by the way. All the “themes” are simply different stylesheets.

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