Fire (Day 68/365)

11. When We Come Home, Blake Calls for Fire is the first of the William Blake’s Inn poems that I ever set to music, in 1983, if I recall correctly. It’s remained one of my favorites, so I began to worry that it would not fit any more: it comes right after 10. Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way, the last one I composed. Twenty-something years of composition separate them, and their styles might seem glaringly dissimilar.

Not to worry. As I orchestrated it this morning, it came alive all over again. I remain proud and a little thrilled. Here are the score and mp3. The mp3 is a little messed up in the forte section: my laptop’s age and lack of memory and speed make for some glitches in the recording process. They’re small, however, so though you may notice them, I think you will have no problem being swept away.

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