Symphony in G

I started working on the Symphony in G in January of 2008, although I’ve been thinking about such a thing for some time. When Stephen Czarkowski asked me in the summer of 2007 to write “something big” for his orchestra, I went back to my notes for this piece and began to pull it together.  When Stephen didn’t return to GHP the following summer, I abandoned the work.  In 2014, I am picking up the threads.

While there is a program for the music, or at least an emotional storyline that I’m using, I’m keeping that to myself for the moment.

I will post updated mp3s here as I continue to work.

Symphony in G

I. Allegro

II. Andante

III. Allegro gracioso (perhaps complete, updated 4/23/08)

IV. Lento; allegro (incomplete, updated 3/7/14; in revision as of 11/24/14)

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