New toys!

So I did a thing.  In an effort to reduce costs around here, we went to the AT&T place to see about getting all our devices onto one account.  In the process, we ended up with new phones, of course.

We were overdue.  Both of us had iPhone 4’s, and that’s pretty antique.  Both were completely functional, but it’s always a matter of time before Apple leaves us behind and we can no longer update the phone or the apps on it.  Better to make the jump to a phone that behaves completely differently than the one you’ve carried for years.

That’s what happened to the Lovely First Wife’s laptop: a little MacBook from years ago, it was still running Mountain Lion or some such as the operating system, and she could no longer update the browser, which threw monkey wrenches into her online payments.  So she got a MacBook Air last month and is humming along.

Meanwhile, upstairs, my old 2012 MacBook Pro was beginning to hiccup.  The battery has been corrupt for a couple of years now; the trackpad no longer allowed me to click and drag; the hard drive was uncomfortably full.

And then last week, I was working on a blog post for, and suddenly the screen went black, and I found myself looking at the log in screen.  The computer had logged me out without warning.

This has never happened to me, not once in over 30 years of Mac ownership, so I knew it was time to start shopping.

I am now the owner of a brand new MacBook Pro, the spiffy one with the new Touch Bar and Touch ID, which is going to take some getting used to.

I haven’t transferred All The Things from my old laptop yet; the cable I needed to do that was not the cable that ended up in my shopping bag yesterday.  (I’m not going to say that the helpful young salesperson grabbed the wrong box, but the helpful young salesperson grabbed the wrong box.). I know I could do it via wifi, but I can’t imagine how slow and painful that would be.

So after the store opens in another 30 minutes, I’ll be off to correct that error, and then I’ll probably be stuck shepherding my apps and documents onto this new machine.

Light a candle for me.

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