“Presidential behavior”: an easy answer if ever there was one

In our continuing curiosity about how our elected officials feel about the presumptive president-elect [PPE], we have a new entry in our Easy Answers series.

Today I emailed my senators:

On 60 Minutes this past Sunday, in reference to the presumptive president-elect’s tweet that “millions of people voted illegally,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said, “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Does it matter to you that the presumptive president-elect tweeted an obvious lie?

(N.B.: it is an obvious lie.  Any references to the Pew Study will be disregarded, since 1) the author of the study has repudiated any validation of this lie; and 2) the study was performed in 2012,  not for this election.)

Also, Kellyann Conway made the astounding claim that because he is the presumptive president-elect, any such tweets were de facto “presidential behavior.”

Do you agree that the presumptive president-elect’s behavior is “presidential”?

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