Betsy DeVos

Already, we have a second post in our new Easy Answers series.

The presumptive president-elect [PPE] has selected Betsy DeVos to be his nominee for Secretary of Education.  The short version is that this woman has spent most of her adult life attempting to dismantle public education wherever she can: vouchers (of course); for-profit charter schools; no regulation for charter schools; characterization of “government schools” as “failing”; characterization of teachers as “the problem”; etc.

Here’s the first round of news articles on this piece of work:

And that’s just the legitimate news outlets.  You should hear what education organizations are saying.

edited to add: RawStory gives us the gory historical details in a story they’ve republished from five years ago.  This article is a must-read.

So here’s today’s email:

The presumptive president-elect has chosen Betsy DeVos as his nominee for Secretary of Education.  She refers to the public school system as “government schools,” usually categorizing them as “failing,” and has spent millions of her family’s fortune on promoting the diversion of tax dollars into private entrepreneurial schools while discouraging any kind of oversight of these institutions.

Do you share her values, and do you plan to vote to confirm her?

I’ll keep you posted.

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