The GLRP, 11/22/16

Have a look at this:

This was a thing we picked up in Virginia when cleaning out the family homestead.  Besides the loop on the right, the end on the left is flattened.  We have no idea what it is/was; if I had to guess, I’d say it was a spring kind of thing from some large machine, perhaps a train.  Comments are welcome.

Whatever its original use, I decided it would be a lovely thing from which to hang a light, and so today’s task in the Great Labyrinth Reclamation Project was installing it over the new nook in the southwest corner.

Simple project, actually: 1) saw off some copper tubing I had around; 2) screw it to one of the uprights on the fence with brackets.

3) Stick the flat end in the pipe.

Now it can swing out to any position you need.

Serving suggestion.  Clearly I want to find something cooler and larger.  For the time being I can use one of my solar lights.

Technically-speaking-wise, I don’t suppose I needed the copper tubing.  I could have just used brackets small enough to contain the iron thing.  But I like the effect, and the tubing keeps the end of the iron thing from digging into the fence itself.

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