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When looking to acquire an Assistive Feline™, one thing to check is its Adorability Factor.

For example, this model is extremely attached to her Mouse-on-a-Stick:

In fact, this is her fourth Mouse-on-a-Stick.  She will eventually stretch out the elastic and get it caught on something in the house and break it.  Any owner of an Assistive Feline™ should be prepared to provide a replacement Mouse-on-a-Stick immediately.1

Until that happens, though, the Assistive Feline™ will trot around the house with the Mouse-on-a-Stick in her mouth, dragging the plastic stick behind her.  You can hear her coming down the hall or down the stairs, tick tick tick.

She is most apt to do this when there are visitors: one will be chatting in the living room, perhaps over cocktails, and she will appear with her Mouse-on-a-Stick, walking in like a lioness on the Serengeti with a zebra in her mouth.  This is Extremely Adorable.

You should make sure that the Assistive Feline™ you are considering has an equivalent Adorability Factor.

This has been a public service announcement from the AAFC.2


1 When the local Family Dollar did not have said implement we freaked a little, but after looking in another Family Dollar store, we found the necessary replacement.  We bought two.

2 American Assistive Feline™ Council

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