No, darlings, that does not appeal to me

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from: Dale Lyles
cc: Sam Anders, Mike Crane, Drew Ferguson, Chip Flanegan, Richard Mix, Jim Pace

Dear Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, Third District:

Stop trying to get me to vote for you by trumpeting that you are a Washington outsider.  I do not want a Washington outsider representing me in the Congress. I want someone who understands how the system in Washington works and who will make it work.  I don’t want a chimpanzee with a spanner.  That’s who you’re replacing, and the results were completely predictable and completely deplorable.

Dale Lyles

P.S. Tamarkus Cook and Angela Pendley: I know the Democratic Party is not funding your campaign, but you really ought to get something on

P.P.S. Richard Mix: I don’t think an Instagram account is the same as a real campaign site.  Especially when you haven’t posted anything.

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