Before we left for our trip last week, we paid a visit to Richard’s Variety Store in Midtown/Monroe Drive.  Richard’s is one of those places that create a strain in a relationship if, for example, one’s lovely first wife had never disclosed that she knew of this chamber of wonders.  One might accuse the other of holding out on him.

It’s a magical place, kind of a Woolworths for the hipster/hippie crowd, and if you haven’t been, go.

Here’s what I bought (among other things):

Yes, that is Icarus, the hero of Seven Dreams of Falling, coming eventually to an opera house near you.  He’s to remind me that I do have a major theatrical work to compose.  Which I’m not doing right now, because I’m writing this blog post to avoid finishing my tax returns.

If I were to link this to Lichtenbergianism, it would fall into RITUAL, as an object which represents a project or a goal and serves to remind me that it will be a beautiful thing—once I finish it.

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