Bless their hearts

Georgia Legislature Passes ‘Pastor Protection Act”

Because of course they did.

It seems like just yesterday I wrote, “[Christianists are] really more comfortable believing they’re in the minority and are persecuted like Paul or Stephen. Lacking convenient ways to be crucified upside down or to be stoned by the community, they pretend someone is throwing rocks at them anyway.”

Okay, it was day before yesterday, but still…

What kind of CRAP is THIS? There oughta be a law!

These religious protection acts are identical in intent to the old racial purity laws of 100 years ago: to keep “those people” from gaining full access to what those of us on the inside enjoy.  No more, no less.

Oh, but Dale, if we don’t pass these laws, then the defenseless white women Christians will have to… do… something…

Listen, here’s the deal: every law like this presumes that what it “protects” is in fact the unvarying Way Things Are Supposed To Be—and it’s not.  I can not stress this enough.

Think of it this way.  How does your family make dressing/stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner?  Because that’s the Way Dressing Is Supposed To Be, right?  And “those people” who make, well, you know, that other kind of dressing… We should pass a law.

Despite what Ralston/McKoon/et al. believe, they’re legislating stuffing.

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  1. For a more wicked explanation of what’s going on here, see Jonathan Swift’s explanation of which end of a soft-boiled egg one should crack open first and why your nation should go to war with those who believe differently.

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