A Rant

In our ongoing study of contemporary Christianist martyrs, these two examples popped up on Facebook in the last 24 hours:


Both were accompanied by that quivering lip bravado to which these people seem to be addicted.  They just know there are lions.  There’ve got to be lions, coming to eat them, right?  But they’re brave, standing up against their oppressors—i.e., Them.  All of Them.

Neither the originators of the items nor the people in my feed who posted them—damn you, Facebook, for making the word “friends” a dicey proposition—nor any of the other posters betrayed the slightest self-awareness about these two items.  Not even after I posted my comments, to whit:

  1. “I especially like the part about the graven image.”
  2. “…with candy canes, I see.”


Okay, I promise I’ll write more entertaining stuff in the near future.  I was so wrapped up in getting ready for Alchemy, then surviving Alchemy—I told you it would be entertaining—and now getting ready for Christmas Carol auditions, that I didn’t even notice I hadn’t been blogging.

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