A Rant

See, if I were working on the symphony like I was supposed to be, I wouldn’t run into triggers like this one:

Okay, people, let’s see if I can calmly deconstruct this:

  1. We will leave aside the inevitable misspelling, but really, nutjobs, can you never get it right?  Sometimes I wonder if you’re not all really Poes.  (I do wonder, often, whether the websites who generate this kind of bullshit are actually fronts for our corporate overlords to sow disinformation to keep the peasants riled up?)
  2. Walmart employees were not protesting having to work on Thanksgiving.  Walmart protesters were protesting their lack of a living wage.  The Walmart business model consists of paying unskilled people less-than-poverty-level wages by shorting them on wages, hours, and benefits.  The documentation of the cost to taxpayers—in terms of food assistance and Medicaid assistance—is all over the internet: Walmart workers don’t make enough to live on.
  3. Neither do many of our troops. (See also.)
  4. And above all and always, the worship of the military, surest sign of fascism.  Oh, yes you do: discounting a very real problem by comparing it to Our Boys, the Valiant, our Holy Warriors, whose daily job must be Valued Above All Others—and if anyone doesn’t Value spending trillions on wars that got us nothing but a ruined economy and an unstable region, they are Vermin Not Worthy to Lick the Boots etc etc he said and drank rapidly a glass of water.   But Walmart workers?  Who work for a huge and hugely profitable corporation in America?  They can go suck it because they are not Worthy.

I will now refrain from commenting on America’s sick addiction to consumerism.

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