In other news…

I recently renewed my membership in the American Composers Forum and immediately began looking over the Opportunities available to members.

So far today, I have submitted the following:

  • Fresh Squeezed Opera Company: They were looking for new arias, etc., so I submitted “My mother, bored and pampered,” promising to orchestrate it for their small ensemble if they select it.
  • Denison University Tutti Festival: I submitted two works, the Pieces for Bassoon and String Quartet, and “Blakes Leads a Walk on the Milky Way.”

I’m also considering inquiring about the Sacramento State University’s odd little posting about premiering works and students studying the history of such premieres.  I mean, why not?  Who says I can’t whack out a new piece for chorus and small ensemble by “early November”?

I’ll keep you posted about further submissions as I continue to explore the Opportunities.

2 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. I did. It was a very odd posting, I thought—no details except “contact us.” Do they have criteria for deciding who will be allowed to submit?

    I don’t expect to get a reply until next week, since I emailed on a Friday before a holiday weekend.

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