Dream One, “Hark, the sound of screaming fans” orchestrated

At this point I’m just flinging instruments at the screen to see what sticks.  Theseus’s cheesy opening still bugs me per se, and the orchestration has not improved it.  I think part of the problem is that it’s in the wrong key for the French horn really to shine, but that ain’t gonna get fixed.  (Now I’m intrigued by the idea and will waste half the morning futzing with that.)

Anyway, give it a whirl and make suggestions for improvements:

Dream One, 4a. “Hark, the sound of screaming fans” | piano score [pdf] | orchestral mp3

In other news, the baritone sax is not as low and sleezy as I expected.  Bass sax?

One thought on “Dream One, “Hark, the sound of screaming fans” orchestrated

  1. I am struck here by a certain high achievement even in the experiments. And that “cheesy” Thesean theme is right on!

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