No work today

You know how on TV shows a crew will sweep in to a person’s back yard and move mountains of stuff and then by the end of the day there’s this gorgeous retreat where before there had been nothing but sand and crabgrass?

It might not work that way in real life.

Sure, that looks fine from a distance, but this is after I sweated my way through yesterday afternoon digging and mulching and tearing down old bamboo fencing.

Notice the five stepping stones.  I ran out of materials to reset the last three.  Back to the store.  And it still has to have landscape fabric and mulch.

And over by that fence?  I still have to move all the old pavers, clip the wisteria, install a little stone wall on the upper half, lay out pavers along the fence for an eventual wooden creation, plant, mulch, etc.

Then I have to trim the cherry laurel and install pretty little lights in it because lovely first wife.

And that’s not even getting the herb garden/side of house weeded…

What I’m trying to say is that I will not be attempting to solve Theseus’s aria problem today.


Here’s all I got done today, between all the errands necessary to get ready and an afternoon jaunt to invest in Apple stock.  Plus rain.

Yes, I will smooth out the curve.  Tomorrow, the far fence.

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