Dream One, “Hark, the sound of screaming fans” – a fragment

I’m taking my time with this scene, so don’t expect a lot of results right away.  Of the fourteen pages of the libretto for “Dream One,” six and a half of them are the control room scene.  So it’s long and it’s complicated, and it’s going to take a while to nail down.  (I’ve already tackled part of it, in Ariadne’s bit about her mother.)

Today I just began throwing notes around to see if I could develop anything that might be useful later on, and actually I think I have something.

I’m thinking of it as my “machine” fragment.  There are two segments of the scene where the characters offer competing views of what their machines are for, one of which leads into a reprise of “Let us joyfully gaze” with the chorus.  Besides those two segments, I could use the motif to transition from Icarus’s aria into the control room, i.e., scene change music.

At any rate, I succeeded in whacking out nearly 30 seconds of music, which is not bad for a shortened work session this morning.  It’s something to play with.

“Machine fragment” | mp3

It occurs to me that I have yet to let loose with a waltz of any sort.  Hm.

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