The labyrinth in snow, 1/28/2014

Ah, snow.

I appreciate the beauty of the earth when it snows, but really, people, how nasty can you get?  And when the National Weather Service issues a Winter Storm Warning (that’s warning, not watch), you stay home.  Then you can take lovely photos of your surroundings rather than wonder whether you’re going to die in them.  It’s not that hard.

Here’s a little clip of a piece that has the title The Labyrinth in Snow.  It’s just a sketch/proposal for the piece I wrote for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra in 2011; they chose to go with the Variations on ‘Resignation’, so I still have this lovely bit to play with.  Anyone up for a second cello sonata?  <raised_eyebrows_pursed_lips> Then play the first one. </raised_eyebrows_pursed_lips>

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