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This morning, as I lay semi-wakeful at the Highlands Inn—we had gone to the wedding of Michael and Catherine Giel in Decatur last night and decided not to drive home— I had an interesting dream. I was either working on a website or standing at a smartboard, and I was defining what essentially were nonsense words. One of them stuck in my mind, and I wrote it down upon arising.

The word is vuking, and what I remember most vividly was belaboring the pronunciation. It is, I am informed, pronounced VOO-king (not view-KING as some would have it), and after a couple of repetitions it dawned on my what a tremendously useful word it may become.

Feel free to add it to your vocabulary.

5 thoughts on “New word

  1. So, what does it mean? (In “Dalespeak”, of course). I’d like to use it correctly…

  2. Is it indeed? Well, who knew? I certainly couldn’t have possibly had even the slightest hint of a trace of an idea of such a thing.

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