Summer Countdown: Day 15

I wrote another Rondo fragment. This one turned into a fugue, which I don’t know that I can sustain. Given the nature of the piece, perhaps that’s as well. How about we just call it a fugato?

Stephen Czarkowski—he of the Symphony in G catastrophe—has requested a cello sonata for his own self for next year. He has some gigs lined up, he says. Sure, fine, why not? I figure I can use the sketch for The Labyrinth in Snow for the slow movement; it had a lovely cello theme, and it won’t be hard to convert the rest of it into piano accompaniment. I wonder when he wants it by? And how long should it be?

I’m writing this on Friday morning, at GHP. I’m about to head down to the Fine Arts building, where Maila Springfield will be playing with her trio for the jazz majors. She will not be performing the Preludes, not having had the time to get them ready, but she is prepping them for a tour the trio is doing next year. Which means I need to go ahead and get Nos. 5 & 6 written. (She says she particularly likes No. 3. I agree with her.)

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