Summer Countdown: Day 20

After running errands and generally being distracted for much of the morning, I was finally able to settle into the labyrinth and do the first leg of the color exercise Diane had sent me.

Simplicity itself: grid of 1-inch squares, seven across, five down. Put a pure color in the top square. Put a barely tinted white in the bottom square. Devise the middle tone. Devise the second one. Devise the fourth one. Repeat.

It was of course not difficult, although the yellow ochre defied me in the upper, darker half. Alas, I didn’t have time to do more than the “lights,” and I don’t think I want to schlep all that stuff to St. Simon’s with me. I’ll have to see if I have time when I get back on Saturday.

In our Summer Countdown, we now have a break of four days. I’ll be at St. Simon’s with my lovely first wife, serving as arm candy as she swans about being important.

This is not to say that I won’t get any work done. I’m taking my sketchbook, and my goal is to fill the last 20+ pages at the beach before heading off to Diane’s house on Sunday. In fact, I’m taking my new one with me as well. I may be ambitious.

I’m also taking my laptop and graphics tablet so that if I get inspired I can work on music as well, although I really don’t see that happening. I work better with my keyboard, and I’m not taking that. Or maybe I will.

In other Lichtenbergian distractions, I bought a timer for the water in the labyrinth so that the new grass plugs can have their daily watering while I’m away. We’ll see if this keeps the grass alive and flourishing.

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