Devising from Object, part 2

Interesting night (Tuesday). People brought in all kinds of apples and witty takes on apples. I had printed out several paintings of the expulsion of Adam and Eve, and we spent the night playing with literal tableau vivants, posing the two central figures in each of the paintings, then messing with the setup.

The most effective moment came when we were working with the Masaccio fresco. We had one Eve in the center, and three Adams around her. We linked the Adams (who were all female) together with a rope, then dropped that idea. Michael directed them to “switch” poses, with the Adams slowing looking up and Eve turning to look “back.”

It was strikingly frightening. We toyed with that awhile. I suggested the Adams then kneel (just to get some new levels into it), then Michael had them prostrate themselves. I added extended arms, one forward, one back. Michael added an apple to the rear hand (which the Adams concealed beforehand.)

It was cool. Then I “complained” that it looked like a feminist statement; could we try it with the three males in the class playing Adam? We did, and lo! it was better.

More later.

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