New blog to read

Go read.

It’s short, and if you don’t click on the Previous or Next button, you’ll back here in a few seconds. Don’t close that window, though, because you’ll want to go back and read one of Juanita Jean’s real tirades.

I came across this blog via, who is always entertaining in a snarky kind of way. Juanita Jean is not quite Molly Ivins, and don’t you think Molly Ivins is kicking at the gates of heaven to be allowed back?, but she’s ‘pert-near close,’ as we say in Lubbock.

2 thoughts on “New blog to read

  1. I certainly get the irony in the quote, but I must point out that Jesus never withheld taxes from the paychecks of the citizenry to accomplish his goals. That might explain a disparity in the reactions to the two men somewhat.

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