Labyrinth, 1/12/10

I was in a pissy mood this afternoon, and have been for several days. I was thinking about blogging and analyzing all that, or at least posting on Facebook MOV I.1 and see if anyone picked up on it, but then I got home.

All this made me happy. There’s the manila package from Summer, who returned a Neo-Futurist book. The little box is a piece of fence equipment that I couldn’t get from Home Depot or Lowe’s, so now I can reattach a pole across the top of the fence at the woodpile.

And the big bundles are my bamboo reed fencing.

Here are they unwrapped. Each 25′ length is bundled in a handy carrying case, stitched closed.

When unwrapped, we get this:

And here’s a closeup of the texture:

There’s actually quite a bit of space between the reeds.

It was too cold to do any real work, of course, plus I have to go pick up some wire with which to attach the fencing to the chain link, but I couldn’t resist standing it up over in the men’s loo to see how it might look.

Quite nice. We now have to consider whether to stain it, and how.

As soon as the weather starts to warm up, I can start installing it for sure. Huzzah for yard work! I’m ready to be outside again.

3 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 1/12/10

  1. Last night I lit a couple of candles in the loo and walked around the corner to see how much privacy the fence affords. As long as the neighbor has the high crime lights blazing, no one can see anything but the fence. However, the fence does not block the light from the inside at all. More research, and contact with the neighbor, is required.

  2. More research about the reed fencing from the company: it doesn’t take stain well, because of bamboo’s natural waxy coating, until it’s completely weathered, which will be to a silvery gray. I’ll get some stain to test it with.

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