Labyrinth, 10/7/09

Doesn’t this look cozy?

It’s not, of course: it’s a tree that fell this morning. Those who are familiar with the space will remember the ivy-covered trunk standing right behind the copper-mesh lighting fixture. It and the large branch arching over to the pecan tree came crashing down. I wish I had seen it.

Miraculously, it doesn’t seem to have hurt anything. Even the copper mesh is intact.

It has probably done a number on the grass, but meh.

I thought it was just the branch at first, but it’s the whole trunk.

The trunks literally missed everything of importance. I had moved the firepit up to the underdeck to keep the firewood dry on Sunday, but even if it had been in place, it would have been unscathed.

That’s how precise the fall was. I had a shot of the copper mesh sculpture, but it was all fuzzy. I’ll try to get one tomorrow afternoon.

At any rate, I’ll start removing it all Saturday morning. My goal this weekend was to move the remaining paving stones out of their current position by the entrance steps, back to the driveway area, mostly so I can begin envisioning how the eventual “dance floor” patio will tie in with the labyrinth below. Maybe I can get that done on Sunday as per my original plan.

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