Labyrinth, 9/12/09

I spent last night, and now this morning, out in the labyrinth. I had only the fire and the labyrinth, no music, which is unusual for me. I listened to the sounds instead.

This is such an amazingly peaceful spot, and even in its recovery phase, an essentially beautiful one. Now the leaves are beginning to drift down, and unlike the pecans, which are a metaphorical as well as a literal nuisance, they are lovely as well.

I’m watching a hummingbird wander apparently aimlessly through the branches of the trees. Surely she can remember where the feeder is?

I’m also watching a lone candle still flickering from last night. It is my practice, after finishing up for the night, to leave the rainbow/chakra candles burning, as well as the four clear candles around the center. It’s a wonderful sight in the night.

Often many of them are still burning the next morning. But now, way more than fifteen hours later, one is still going.

You can just see it there, the indigo candle, the “third eye” chakra. Our inner eye, our sense of judgment, of wisdom. If we seek an answer, it is here we must find it.

Maybe if I sit here the rest of the day, I can hear what the question is.

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