My lack of productivity has reached shocking levels, so much so that my concern over it has invaded my brain like a worm and awakened me at 4:00 a.m.

I have not sketched, composed, or blogged in weeks, and I don’t see any such activity in my future, either. The other day I was seriously considering a moratorium on all such endeavors, just being honest about it and saying, “You know what? I don’t have it in me right now, and I’m hanging it up. See you guys later.”

But I can’t be honest about it. I have to delude myself into believing that I will make the time to sit down and work on something. Sometime.

Part of my problem is the old Leaf by Niggle dilemma. I have “responsibilities,” and those tend to multiply. For example, tonight I will have Lacuna (yes, that’s creative; but productive?). Tomorrow is the Newnan Crossing open house. Friday is sort of open and I may get some sketching done. Saturday I am hosting my fellow Lichtenbergians.

Monday is Masterworks. Tuesday… I need to meet about the Masterworks website and publicity. Wednesday, Lacuna. Thursday is open. Then it’s Labor Day weekend, and we’re wanting to travel.

Over on the Lichtenbergian website, we had an assignment to list the five rules for creativity. One of mine was “Defend your time.” I think I have failed at that.

Inertia, inertia, inertia.

10 thoughts on “Fretting

  1. And that makes you a great Lichtenbergian. Otherwise we would definitely have to throw you out of the group. Ah the irony of it all.

    By the way people sleep at 4am. Hmmm, I may have to try that.

  2. Dale on inertia: check out Fugue State(meant)s.

    Consider that page like a compost heap. Who knows. It may be possible to dig into it from time to time and come up with something that works like fertilizer. Just keep piling on the refuse.

    Interesting: refuse spelled same way as refuse

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