Waltz, 7/14/09

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing the Waltz for String Quartet & Bassoon read through by the strings majors here at GHP, under the direction of the inestimable Michael Giel.

They read it as a whole group, so it had a bigger sound, which was not at all bad. Also, since the woodwinds were hard at work on their concert for tonight, the bassoon part was taken by a solo cello, which was also fine.

What can I say? It worked, and it worked admirably. I’m pleased. Thank you, Michael and strings!

In other news, Stephen Czarkowski has ordered parts in order to perform it this fall. Who knows, I may actually write two more movements to go with it.

Omphalos update: The bowl is in the kiln.

One thought on “Waltz, 7/14/09

  1. As a friend, I offer sincere congratulations. As a Lichtenbergian, I offer a knowing smirk.

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