Drag redux

Those who have been following my drag career will be especially pleased that I once again took home the trophy for the Misster Relay contest at last night’s Relay for Life. Last year I was Lucille Ball (complete with Vitametavegamin). This year, I was Cleopatra. I prowled the track, accompanied by minions and eunuchs: “My minions will pass among you and collect your donations. Or if you prefer, I have a eunuch. He’s the one with the smaller basket.” Which mostly went right over people’s heads.

Stylewise, I had some competition this year. Dale Edwards, chorus teacher at ECMS and fellow baritone in Masterworks, showed up as Madea and very funny he was, too. We took photos to send to Bizarth to let her know what her baritone section was up to on Friday night.

Fun times, and I raised $1700.

updated: photos (more as they arrive)!

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