You may recall that I had ordered Irish moss seed to plant on the vesica piscis in the middle of the labyrinth. They came today.

Here you go. I’ve included the penny for scale.

This is 5,000 Irish moss seeds. Five zero zero zero. It is enough to produce 300 square feet of Irish moss.

Since the vesica piscis is 10 sq. ft. at the most, I can do a lot of planting otherwise.

But mercy, how does one approach these things? They came with a planting guide, but even mixed with fine sand, it’s going to be a nightmare of distribution.

Perhaps I should calculate 300 tablespoons, get that much sand, mix the seed, and then I can just scoop up a number of tablespoons equivalent to the square feet I’m trying to seed. That would make it easier to calculate coverage visually. (My handy-dandy converter widget tells me that’s essentially a gallon of sand.)

Plus, it’s about to rain all week. That means I need to wait. But I wanted it at least to be germinated by the Lichtenbergian gathering on 5/16. That may not happen.

Next week’s rain is a pain in many respects, although it will allow me to work inside without fretting about missing an evening by the labyrinth. I have the orchestral version of “Milky Way” to knock out, and I can always paint.

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