Eyebrows up!

I am pleased to report that at least one part of the Ginormous Liberal Conspiracy has succeeded, apparently. I am referring to the National Organization for Marriage’s recent announcement of “an ambitious new nationwide ‘2 Million for Marriage’ initiative” to combat the horrors of Iowa and Vermont’s approval of gay marriage.

What NOM failed to realize was that our mole was luring them into a trap. Their new initiative is shortened, of course, to… wait for it… 2M4M.

Merciful heavens, people, anyone who has spent any amount of time on AOL or other chat areas knows that M4M is chatroom shorthand for “male for male,” i.e., gay sex chat. The only explanation I can think of for NOM’s epic fail is that there must in fact be a gay mole in the organization who set them up.

Which does not displease me in the least, of course.


In a further round of NOMian ineptitudiness, the domain name 2M4M.org has already been snapped up and, um, repurposed. It seems as if the hilarity will not stop any time soon.

further update

This has appeared on YouTube. Why, oh why, are liberal parodists so mean? Oh, that’s right, their subjects are so stupid:

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  1. Dale, did you just use the words “epic fail” in a post? I had no idea you were a closeted nerd.

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