Reality checks

Let’s check the Times-Herald‘s Sound Off and see what we find, shall we? Oh look, conservative wingnuts!

What exactly has President Obama done that he said he was going to do? Nothing. Then again, we Republicans new [sic] that before the election.

Hm. Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq? Check. Expand SCHIP eligibility? Check. Increase funding for the NEA? Check. Lift stem cell research restrictions? Check. Close Guantanamo? Check. Overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear? Check. Etc. etc. Not bad for six weeks, actually.

Why do you say the people need government right now? The problem is that we have had too much government for the past eight years. Government jobs need to be cut and government spending stopped.

Yet this person would have called me a communist if I had suggested cutting government spending in Iraq over the last six years.

I own a successful business, pay taxes, pay my mortgage and pay all my other bills. I try to save as much money as possible. I bought a new automobile to help the auto companies. Don’t try to tell me I am to blame for the sorry state of affairs.

No one’s blaming you for the sorry state of affairs. Unless, of course, you’re the inventor of complex derivatives.

I, too, hope Obama fails in strangling our republic with socialism.

“Socialism” is not we call what Obama is doing. Nor would actual socialism strangle a republic. You can check with Sweden on that one.

What a furor there was over Richard Nixon’s enemies list. Now we have President Obama and his enemies list headed by Rush Limbaugh. I’d better not hold my breath waiting for the furor over Obama’s list.

Probably you shouldn’t, because it doesn’t exist. Nixon’s list was an actual on-paper list, and those enemies were spied on by the FBI, careers checked at any possible opportunity. Obama of course has no such list. No one’s even suggested that Limbaugh is an “enemy,” except of course for the Republican spokesman himself. But then that’s just good for business.

To Lynn Westmoreland: Thank you for voting no and being a good steward of our money.

Vid. sup., re: Iraq War. Also, I hope Mr. Westmoreland has publicly refused any of the stimulus money for our district. On principle, of course.

One’s jaw just has to drop when these things show up in our public discourse. They’re so disconnected from the reality-based community that there’s no way to approach them. All you can do is wave at them as their little parade passes by.

9 thoughts on “Reality checks

  1. I appreciate the quality and fact based nature of the claims you put forth above. I’m a bit unsure the same approach has been consistently used by the left, in the media and otherwise, when the tables of leadership were turned. My memory is failing, admittedly, but I seem to recall a bit more emotion in the equation at that time. Present company excluded (mostly), of course.

  2. I’ve stopped reading the “Sound Off.” No matter what your political leanings are, it’s filled with negative distortions of the truth. Any forum where no one has to take responsibility for their comments is pretty worthless. I hold any “critic” in the same regard; before anybody tears down the work of another person, they’d best have accomplished something in their lives. Seeing their own anonymous comments in the Times-Herald must be the crowning achievement for some of these folks.

  3. Did you see the story about the gun nuts picking up trash on the roadside … fully armed? Are they afraid of a trash sneak-attack? Are they going to shoot the garbage? That one actually inspired a column from me. I wonder if they’ll print it?

  4. Agreed, Craig. I’ve added “all major network news” to the banned list for the same reason. All of it appeals to the least common denominator, be it left (msnbc) or right (foxnews). It’s to the point that there is little “expertise” and little “news” for the having.

  5. You’ve got to tap into that reptile brain to create any kind of legislative momentum. Facts as fetish never really gets anyone off.

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