Labyrinth, 10/5/08

Here’s where I picked up today. Actually, I started by pulling out my new cutting thingie and assembling it, reading the directions more carefully than anything I’ve ever read. This thing will put your eye out, if not cut off your leg.

Alas, it only produces a cut that’s less than half an inch deep. What the hell kind of masonry is only half an inch thick? These paving stones are two inches, so the paltry little slice the fairly expensive device made is worthless. It goes back to Home Depot tomorrow.

And now I’m back to where I began: how do I cut the curves for the center?

I decided to forge ahead and start laying the thing out. I can always come back and cut curves later.

I had already figured out east/west/north/south, but now I staked out the whole circle. I cut a piece of wood exactly three stones wide, and began by laying out the three axes:

And then, something that I have never seen before in all my studies of modern labyrinths. I think it might actually be An Innovation.

All right, class, can you see what I’ve done here? Would anyone like to tell me what I’m up to? What is this Innovation of which I am so inordinately proud?

Along the western axis, I have laid out bricks in the circuit:

They’re kind of hard to see in the photo. They actually extend the idea of the Innovation, if you consider its role as a Tolkien reference.

Finally, I began to lay out the circuit:

Here’s the southwestern quadrant, all laid out. I was gratified/amazed to find that the outer circle exactly touched the brick edging. It was absolutely a perfect fit. Here it is from the picnic table area:

It will probably take most of my remaining pavers to do the northwestern quadrant, the other half of the great semicircles that form the top of the labyrinth. I’ll have to order another pallet, have it delivered Friday. Ginny’s going out of town to Virginia again, so I’ll have all weekend to finish laying out the bottom half, with all the turnarounds and switchbacks. That will be the interesting part.

So, has everyone figured out what I’m doing down the middle there?

16 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 10/5/08

  1. Providing an escape hatch for your labyrinth?

    If so, I’ve got to tell you that it even further erodes my respect for the concept. I mean, first you tell me there’s only one path. What kind of maze only has one path? Even the most drunken sot could find their way out eventually. Then you go and add a short cut on top of that? What’s this world coming to? Next thing you know, a movie about talking chihuahuas will win the weekend box office.

  2. And it’s not a maze. It is a labyrinth. Two completely different concepts. Although I’m not sure everyone could find his way out. I know people who are voting for Sarah Palin for President.

  3. How the hell is a fire escape/escape route in any way a Tolkien reference?

    I might add, in fairness, that the photos do not show The Innovation in its finished state.

  4. …and marc, I wasn’t going for “laugh” so much as “annoy Dale by calling his labyrinth a maze.” Mission accomplished.

  5. Having the text of “Farmer Giles of Ham” tattooed on you inner thigh does necessarily give you the last word on who’s deep and who isn’t.

  6. Having the text of “Farmer Giles of Ham” tattooed on you inner thigh does NOT necessarily give you the last word on who’s deep and who isn’t. Got giddy there for a moment, didn’t you?

  7. Well, I’m giddy now after running out to get such a massive ink job on my inner thigh. Well, it starts on my inner thigh. I’ll show you this weekend.

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